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Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Solutions

I am a fully trained, UK qualified consultant Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon, and the first in the United Kingdom to have completed a formal rigorous aesthetic surgical program culminating in an Aesthetic Plastic Surgery qualification.

Aesthetic surgery is non-life saving surgery and the decision to undergo any surgery should not to be taken lightly.

Most patients spend time on the World Wide Web, looking for information on their procedure of choice, but often this information has conflicting and contradictory facts, causing confusion and anxiety.

This is why at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Solutions you will always meet the surgeon, who during the hour long initial consultation will give you an honest assessment, plus the correct relevant information relating to your specific procedure, including all the potential complications.

There will be no hard sell or pressure to get you to surgery. A second consultation is always offered and welcomed.


Mr. Garrick Georgeu

Consultant Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon