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AbdominoplastyModified Brazilian Tummy Tuck

67yr old patient, who lost a 1/3 of her original body weight (7stone) with a gastric banding. Unfortunately was having significant problem after this surgery with a large pendulous skin flap creating a pressure effect. This resulted in raw painful sores in the fold between the lower abdomen and groin creases.

Aim of the surgery is “melon slice” of apron of tissue, NOT COSMETIC operation. Modified Brazilian tummy tuck used for removal of 6.29kg of Apronectomy tissues (4.59kg of tissue and 1.7litres of liposuction fat)

This is NOT A COSMETIC BUT FUNCTIONAL OPERATION, the aim is to remove large amounts of redundant abdominal skin following massive weight loss. Usually the patients have other medical problems necessitating a quicker procedure. It is high-risk surgery with increased rates of complications including infection, wound breakdown. To obtain very good results, the surgery is often planned to be performed in stages.

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