Financial and health network information disclosures 2018-03-10T17:41:48+00:00

Financial and health network information disclosures

We have new legal obligations under the competition and markets authority order 2014 to inform you of the following:

1. Financial interests:

I have no financial interest in any hospital group where I practice.

2. Further independent health information

A new government led intitiative has further information about the hospitals I work at and their own individual input of my scope of practice can be found at: private healthcare information network: www.Phin.Org.Uk

3. Insurance companies:

I do not liaise with any, and maintain my independence from these organisation.

4. Cumulative cost of treatment:

Once you decide on a specific operation or treatment each individual hospital will send you a detailed breakdown of all of the anticipated costs of the treatment as a package price.

5. Additional costs:

Due to your particular individual medical history, on rare occasions, additional investigations, tests or treatments may be required, which are not part of “standardised “pre op and post operative care. I will fully explain the reasons for these treatments and the additional costs