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RESEARCH IN PLASTIC SURGERYMSc. in Surgical Sciences, University College London (2000-2001)

AUDITS12 audits performed, 7 completed cycles personally undertaken, one published

ADMINISTRATION AND MANAGEMENTSenior SpR responsible for complications audit Selly Oak Hospital (2006-7)
Organised and ran an aesthetic teaching day for SPR’s in the West Midlands (2007)
Rota manager Selly Oak Hospital (2006-7) and City Hospital (2004)
Mess President West Norwich Hospital (1999-2000)
TEACHING (Faculty)Polyurethane Breast Implant: live surgery Symposium, July 2014, Chelmsford UK
Barcelona Breast meeting, Barcelona March 2014
2nd international masterclass on Polyurethane implants and cosmetic surgery, Dublin July 2013.
BAPRAS Educational course in Breast Surgery, April 2013
Plastic Surgery training course ARU, 2011-2014)
Microsurgery skills workshop for junior doctors and theatre staff (2007)
Basic surgical skills course for GP’s (2007)
Training courses in Botox and Fillers (2007-2008)
Research and DevelopmentSet out an on-going database for free flap surgery in trauma and head and neck cases. Pretoria South Africa 2005.
Mechanical assessment of the strength of ridged Plaster- of- Paris casts in the clinical setting of backslabs following extensor and flexor tendon repair.
Development of standardised operating hand sheet, St Thomas’ hospital 2001.
Development of VAC therapy protocols, with the tissue viability nurse, St Thomas’ Hospital 2001.
Completed a MSc. in Surgical Science studying the relationship between inner and outer layers in a peripheral nerve 2000/1.
Digital photography and computer goniometry uses in Hand Clinics 1999/2000.
Development of a pre-admission sheet for the Plastic surgery department, Norfolk and Norwich hospital 1999.
A retrospective comparison of morbidity and mortality in groin dissection surgery with or without a groin flap, in the Plastic Surgery Department at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital 1999.
A 5-year retrospective study of Thyroid surgery at the Kent and Sussex Hospital. A prospective randomised trial comparing the rate of infection in clips verses subcuticular vicryl in traumatic hip operations at the Kent and Sussex Hospital 1999.
Developed a questionnaire on the management of Pagets’ disease. Sent to all breast surgeons in the United Kingdom. Data is presently being analysed by the Maidstone Breast care group 1998.
Proposed a standardised consent form for breast reduction, Queen Victoria hospital 1997.
Involved in data collection as a House Officer at Groote Schuur hospital in Cape Town, South Africa of: Epidemiological profiles of patient with proven stomach cancer; and the acute biochemical changes in patients with pancreatitis. Both sets of data have been published 1994.

American- Brazilian Aesthetic meeting, Feb 2017
VII International forum on Plastic Surgery, Szeged, Hungary September 2015
Polyurethane Breast Implant: Live surgery Symposium, Chelmsford, UK, July 2014.
Barcelona breast meeting: March 2014.
2nd International Master class on Polyurethane implants and Cosmetic Surgery, Dublin, Ireland, July 2013.
BAPRAS Educational Course in Breast Surgery, Manchester, UK, April 2013

FACULTY FOR REGIONAL COURSES/MEETINGSFRCS Plastic Surgery Exam revision course, Chelmsford, Sept 2016.
UKAAPS Aesthetic medicine live conference Feb 2016
Microsurgery skills workshops for junior doctors and theatre staff, Chelmsford, UK 2007
Basic surgical skills course for GP’s Chelmsford, UK July 2007
Training course for Botox and Fillers, Birmingham, UK 2007-2008

MANAGEMENT COURSESDisciplinary and Grievance course, October 2007
Leading effective teams, Birmingham October 2007
Equality and Diversity course, Birmingham August 2007.
Personal development review system course, Birmingham June 2007
Fair Selection course, Birmingham April 2007.
Teach the Teachers, Birmingham March 2007
Running Two Oceans Ultra Marathon 1987/88/89/92.
Cape Town marathon 1987/8/9/92/94.
Celtic Harriers Top 10 Junior runner 1987.
REFERENCESProfessor Jim Frame
Springfield hospital

The following links run through my plastic surgery training and achievements to date, including current posts and previous positions, registrations with relevant medical bodies, clinical research papers and presentations.

We, as doctors never stop learning and evidence of this will include a long list of meetings and courses required to keep up to date with the constantly changing field of Aesthetic Surgery.

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