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Initial Consultation Costs

Initial consultation costs are divided into:
Surgical Treatment (£100)
This usually takes 45-60minutes and includes a discussion about what you aim to achieve, an examination, and then a frank talk about what the surgical options are and their risks.
Non-Surgical treatments (£50)
This usually takes around 30-40minutes and includes a discussion about the area you want treated, followed by an examination and then an offer of the different treatment options i.e. filler injections and or muscle relaxing injections (Botox®).

Surgical costs

Once you decide to proceed to surgery you will be sent a surgical quote for the operation, which includes hospital costs, surgical fees and anaesthetic fees. There are no hidden costs or additional charges, and this fee includes all future doctor and nursing appointments for one year post surgery.
Please note different hospitals may charge different amounts for the same operation. Reasons for this for example include the difference between day case surgery and the need or option of the patient for an overnight stay facility, which would be understandably slightly more expensive.

Payment methods

Settlement of the cost of surgery is required 2 weeks before surgery. Each hospital has a dedicated team who will make contact with you prior to your surgery and make arrangements for this payment to occur.
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