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Minor Operations and Local Procedures

Simple minor Local or General Anaesthetic operations to excise moles, skin cancers or unsightly scars. Reconstruction can be in the form of direct closure, skin grafts or local tissue flaps.

Scar revision surgery

Abdominal Scar Revision

52yr old with minor liposuction and revision of scar lower abdomen. Early review 3months, scar red but flattening and expected to fade nicely.


35yr old with revision of unsightly appendix scar.

Shave lesions

Shave facial lesions

Shave lesions forehead

Shave facial lesions

shave benign lesions

42 year old with slow growing, benign lesions elevated above surrounding skin on the chin and naso-labial fold. Simple shave excision of lesion performed under local anaesthetic. Clinical images taken at 4months, with flat scars fading nicely.

Shave lesions cheek

Shave ex Mole

Shave ex Mole

Shave ex Mole

62yr old with longstanding mole treated with shave excision. Images taken at 3months with flat pink patch which will fade nicely over time.

Shave moles on nose

Excision Of Cyst Neck

Excision of longstanding cyst right neck under local anaesthetic. Pictures take 4months post op.

Excision cyst

Cyst removal. Early post op pictures (3months).

Excision cyst

Infected cyst removal

Skin cancers

Ex Skin Cancer On Nose

85 yr old with large biopsy proven skin cancer on the dorsum of nose, excised with local flap from cheek under local anaesthetic. Post op images taken at 10months.


Excision of biopsy proven skin cancer (basal cell cancer) and cover of defect with local flap from the naso-labial fold.

Skin Cancer Ear

Elderly gentleman with previous history of multiple skin cancers, new lesion developing on top and posterior aspect of ear. Cancer excised completely and reshaping performed with rotation flap of remaining ear to maintain shape. This is important to the patient so he can still use his hearing aid.

Skin Cancer Excision

Elderly gentleman who has had previous skin cancers in the past (see previous skin graft patch on temple) presented with rapidly growing lesion on corner of eye.

Lesion removed completely and defect covered with local tissue flap, pictures taken at 4months.

Subcutaneous lesion


Fatty lump (Lipoma) removed from central back in the midline.


Fatty lump (Lipoma) removed under local anaesthetic as a day case. Small black dot showing lumps position pre op.


52yr old patient from Zimbabwe, with longstanding giant Lipoma (fatty lump). Pictures taken 4 weeks post op.

Lipoma excision left shoulder

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal