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Breast Mastopexy/Augmentation

39yr old with a disastrous history of breast augmentation performed overseas, having a 4th revision operation. Significant chest wall (outwardly projecting left breast/chest wall) and breast abnormalities including severe scarring/retraction around the left nipple make a perfect result impossible!

Procedure involved removing old implants, changing tissue plane, closing the hole between the breast implant pockets, and inserting a smaller volumes conical shaped implant 260cc low profile.

Please note that revision breast augmentation surgery is often not easy as there are a number of factors to consider including:

  • 1. The previous anatomical factors as mentioned above for primary augmentation.
  • 2. Placement of implant i.e. above or below the muscle
  • 3. The implant capsule – scarring that occurs around the implant
  • 4. Type of implant
  • 5. Changes of the breast tissue since previous augmentation i.e. thinning of the breast tissue and or drop of the breast tissue off the implant.
  • 6. Trying to compromise by using bigger volumes and not having an Uplift, may result in a visible implant (to touch and feel), increased risks of rippling and further surgery such as an uplift.
Please note that aiming for perfection in a breast augmentation is not realistic as the biggest determinant of your outcome is what your breast looked like prior to surgery. A surgeon can use the same implant in different patients with very different results.

Complex revision breast augmentation

Pre op

Post 1st op


28yr old with breast augmentation disaster – everything wrong.

Staged surgery planned for initial removal of 345cc round high profile implants allow tissues to settle, then re-assess anatomy. Then return to replace implants with 280cc medium profile anatomical shaped polyurethane coated implants.

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